Cushing's Syndrome Research Paper

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Cushing’s Syndrome
The adrenal gland is an organ involved in endocrine functions in the body. It is divided into adrenal cortex and adrenal medulla. The adrenal medulla is part of the sympathetic nervous system. The adrenal cortex is part of the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal endocrine system. It consists of three layers which are:
• Zona Glomeulosa; which secretes aldosterone.
• zona fasciculate and reticularis which secretes most of the adrenocortical hormones.
The adrenocortical hormones include cortisol and androgens. Cortisol is a naturally occurring glucocorticoid. It stimulates gluconeogenesis and the breakdown of fat and protein antagonizing some actions of insulin. It helps maintain the extracellular fluid volume and normal blood pressure. Circulating cortisol is bound to cortisol binding globulin and albumin. Cushing’s syndrome occurs as a result of excess of circulating cortisol.

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