Customer Profile Based On The Information You Provided

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Investment Policy Statement
Client Profile
Date: 2015-04-01 Prepared for: Aaron McDavid
Address: 123 the first Street
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: A1B 2C3
Phone: 789-563-2479
Prepared by: Siye Jin
Address: 123 the fifth Street
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: A5B 2C3
Phone: 801-963-8525 The following is a summary of your investor profile based on the information you provided:
• Your annual gross income is $ 125,000
• Your net worth is $750,000
• Your primary investment objective is to achieve moderate growth.
• Your time horizon is 40 years.
• You expect a 4% to 8% average annual return for your portfolio in the long term (+10 years) before tax and after inflation.
• You have good investment knowledge.

Your current assets allocation
 Cash
$12,500 CI Money Market Fund
 Fixed-Income
$85,000 AGF Canadian Bond Fund$
140,000 O’Leary Canadian Bond Yield (Series A) Fund
 Equity- Canadian
$20,000 Mawer Canadian Equity Fund
 Equity- Global
$100,000 Mawer U.S. Equity Fund
$15,000 RBC Global Energy Fund

Introduction for IPS
The investment policy statement provides a linkage between the client, manager/advisor and the investment portfolio. It serves as a structured decision-making process for clients and advisors and helps to balance return seeking and risk taking. Also, IPS offers clarity and generally helps to build a higher level of trust between client and advisor.

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