Customer Satisfaction And Employee Loyalty

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Company Value

Businesses all over the world want to make a profit, increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and employee loyalty, but the difficult task in achieving these goals is knowing the exact balance in order to reach their true potential. Generally speaking, a business will either succeed or fail based on these three internal variables: their products, their set prices, and the atmosphere or tone which is set once the customer enters the store. It is understood that if a business owner sets their prices too high, their customers will think they are over-priced and will not consider their products; however, if they undervalue their products, the customers will be under the impression that the product is cheap and will also avoid the item under accusation. Products and their prices tend to work hand-in-hand; however, beyond these two variables, there is also an other variable we tend to overlook as it is an experience that fully surrounds us; this is called atmospherics. It describes the music, whether it’s in the background or foreground, the styles of materials and products sold, the scents the customer smells as they enter the department, and even the mood that the sales associate is in as they assist customers. These factors all define the atmosphere of the business and will either encourage shoppers to return or take their business somewhere else. In the article, “Atmospherics as a Marketing Tool” written by Philip Kotler, he explains that there are two…
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