Customer Service In The Oklahoma Army

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I believe being a good leader is not being satisfied with the status quo, but rather asking what else can we do in our position to give better customer service to our soldiers. A leader sets the tone for mission accomplishment. Training our soldiers to standard to meet the mission is only the beginning. Compassion and dedication is a part of the equation. When soldiers feel they are being taken care of, they can focus on their goals and pass it on to others.
In my current position, I recruit medical professionals, attorneys and chaplains for direct commissions into the Oklahoma Army National Guard. For many of these applicants, this is their first time interacting with military personnel and the application process. It is important to represent our organization with pride, and one the professional wants to be …show more content…

How we conduct our daily business will make a lasting impression for each applicant and they will be better prepared to begin military life.
I am fortunate to have had past leaders mentor me and set the example on how to take care of soldiers. Customer service is not just a job. We have an impact on soldiers’ lives and they look to us for assistance, whether it be for pay, promotion, or to square away their uniform for a board. If I do not know the answer to a question, I will find the appropriate point of contact who can answer the question. I expect anyone working with me to do the same. It is rewarding for me as a leader to be able to accomplish

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