MKT 421 Week 4 Marketing Plan: Phase III

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Week 4 Marketing Plan: Phase III
August, 2012


Attributes of Service In market research context, attributes are simply properties of a given product, brand, service, advertisement or any object of interest. Much brand and market research is targeted at understanding the most significant and powerful attributes, in our case, a service. Our cooking classes at Macys can have many attributes including great customer service, consistency and loyalty as well as consumer involvement.
Customer services are an important concept being touted by all types of companies. For almost 80 years, Macys has strived to be “America’s Department Store”, and they continue to be consistent with
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If the company is not able to do this then they may consider stopping this service.
Positioning and Differentiation Strategies
Macy’s identification of their differentiation and positioning strategies for Macy’s new cooking classes is crucial to serve customers base. Differentiating the marketing mix for the cooking class will not only meet customer needs, but it will build a competitive advantage. In addition, positioning the cooking classes to a unique target market of customers suited to their cooking needs. Recognizing differentiation strategies also creates a clear path of market mix blending to meet Macy’s goals and objective of the service.
Macy’s new cooking classes most be positioning to how customers think about proposed or present cooking classes is crucial to separate itself from competitors (Perreault, Jr., Ph.D., Cannon, Ph.D., & McCarthy, Ph.D., 2011). Macy’s will use multiple market segmentation to position the cooking classes for success: Geographic segment allowing for the dividing of Macy’s store locations into regional markets, demographic segment that will classify the broad market of age, income, and race for the advertising campaign, and behavioristic segment for loyal customers, class rates, and type of courses. In addition, to identify concisely the cooking classes target market and increased effective positioning Macy’s will also use a positioning statement of “For the 18-80-year-old cooks, who

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