Customer Success Manager : A Chicago Based Startup Essay

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Background The company in reference is a Chicago-based startup that provides an online private-parking marketplace connecting drivers in need of parking with parking-spot owners who have underutilized spaces. The product is an online mobile platform available on its website or for download through the app store. In its simplest form, the company allows owners to list their unused parking spots for rent on the platform and drivers to rent those spots on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis. The founder and CEO has experience developing technology for Fortune 500 companies, and has two prior successful exits under his belt. The COO holds a Kellogg MBA, an engineering degree from Stanford, and has worked previously in management consulting. The Director of Sales has over 10 years of sales experience, including recent work for a competing startup. The Business Developer is in his early 20s, originally from Detroit, went to a small liberal arts college in Pennsylvania, and had started a peer-to-peer space-sharing company prior to joining this startup. The Customer Success Manager is originally from Kansas, won two Sports Emmys while working at ESPN, and had most recently managed a large, commercial parking garage prior to joining the company. The company has been in existence for approximately two years and is pre-venture, with most of its financing coming from the founder and a silent partner. Employees are paid below-market wages on a bi-weekly basis and receive some form
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