Cut Down The Dog Population By Spaying Or Neutering

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Cut Down the Dog Population by Spaying or Neutering Every day in America and across the world litter on top of litter of unwanted puppies are given birth to by dogs un-expectantly. There is one common solution to this issue that majority of veterinarians share with pets owners during their pets doctor visits; it is recommended that all dog owners be responsible by either spaying or neutering their pets by 6 months old and/or before they enter heat-for females or reach maturity-for males, and begin having the desire to want to mate. The statistics are outrageous when it comes to the number of abandoned and neglected animals that are homeless or have to live out their lives in shelters all because owners take it upon themselves not to have their furry friends operated on. An estimated 11,000 pets in this country are euthanized daily, according to a Pet Smart Charities study—that’s half of the 8 million pets that land in shelters each year. Not all of these pets start out homeless. Half of U.S. pet owners who’ve had a pregnant dog or cat say the pregnancy happened “by accident,” according to statistics from the study (NAPS). This is only the number of unwanted animals that are actually caught; let us not forget about the feral animals on the street. By spaying or neutering a dog this will absolutely cut down on the number of animals that are brought to animal control each day. If knowing that a puppy from the litter that your dog gave birth to will most likely be euthanized

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