Cyber Bullying : A Non Profit

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Today I’m going to talk about ETCB (End to Cyber Bullying) a non-profit organization, designed to combat cyberbullying in this modern age. By raising awareness throughout the communities and the world. ETCB is instantly accessible online, and phone assistance by certified. The overall goal is to try to make the Internet a safe place for teens.

I’m going to tell a quick story about a blind high school student at Huntington Beach that was being bullied by a kid who I think deserved to be suspended, if it wasn’t for Cody Pines, a junior who had stepped in and knocked the bully to the ground to protect the blind student who he knew since the sixth grade. Later on the school district suspended Cody for stepping in and helping the victim. I don’t think that was the right move for the district to do. Now let me ask you a question what would you have done if you had witnessed one of your fellow student being bullied? On The End to Cyber Bullying Organization website states that “it’s the world’s number one source for that’s always up to date on cyberbullying information, news, and cyberbullying prevention tips”. It also states that cyberbullying is a leading issue in today’s technology society and raising awareness throughout the web and communities is the first step to putting an end to cyberbullying. There are a lot of reasons why some people bully. One of them is the bully may see it as a way of becoming popular, or making themselves look

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