Cyberbullying : It All Happens Behind A Screen

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It All Happens Behind a Screen

Cyberbullying comes in many shapes and forms.
Whether it’s receiving a threatening email or a harmful text message,
Around a fourth of young individuals have reported being targets of cyberbullying.
In my opinion, I find it terrible
How an innocent teenager should have to go through the unthinkable. The embarrassment, the isolation, the feeling of helplessness.
The victim starts to feel like they are going on a downwards spiral;
A roller coaster that’s only going down.
But why?
All because of the horrible choices made by one person.
The bully.
Maybe they thought it would be funny,
Or maybe they were bored.
It is said that the most common reasons for cyberbullying is revenge and entertainment.

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Finally, I edited the rough copy and wrote the good copy of my poem. In my poem, I used a variety of devices. The first device I used was rhymes and I incorporated it into the ending of my poem. I used rhyming words to make my poem flow and sound smoother. The next device I used was an analogy and I compared cyberbullying to something more familiar, a mosquito bite, to help others understand the pain of cyberbullying. I also used a simile at the beginning of the analogy to compare the two unlike things that were used in the analogy. The analogy also created imagery. The pain of cyberbullying is not visible and may be hard to understand if not experienced first-hand, so the analogy creates imagery, allowing the reader to understand the pain. Lastly, I used an oxymoron to promote a safer and positive internet culture. Cyberbullying is bullying that is executed by using electronic methods of communication rather than communicating face to face. Through my research, I found many useful pieces of information which helped to shape my point of view. I found that the majority of people had similar opinions about cyberbullying. Most people do not support it and want to put an end to it. Mainly children from around 8 or 9 years of age until around 17 years of age are impacted by cyberbullying. Cyberbullying impacts society as a whole because it creates an unsafe environment online and individuals have to take

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