Cyber Deviance Among Adolescents And Adolescents

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Cyber Deviance among Adolescents
The effect technology has had on communication has granted access to much of the youth to abuse the intimacy that they have now taken for granted. “Cyber Deviance” is an umbrella term that includes digital piracy, computer hacking, and sexting which is on the rise among adolescents (Udris, 2016). Examination of the theoretical structure toward explaining this type of behavior could possibly provide the public the genesis. Theoretical components emphasizing in social learning, self-control, and differential association have been used with a positivist approach – more specifically the positivist’s assumption of determinism – to try to explain adolescent “cyber deviant” sexual behavior (Journal
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In the development of newly acquired psychological and physical abilities, in combination with new social boundaries to prevent expression of those newly acquired abilities, many adolescents participate in activities like premarital sexual exploration, that crosses social boundaries, and these are then referenced in the literature as deviant behaviors (Goode, 1990).
Theoretical Application Sexual exploration in adolescence by means of a cellular telephone camera was not something that many could have foretold. While statistically sexual exploration in adolescence is expected, determining a clear reason as to why adolescents choose sexting as their means of exploration is not quite known. However, social learning theory is a good candidate for the explanation. Generally, sexuality has been framed as a biologically centered force within Freud’s psychodynamic theory, which is quite different from how it is represented in what is a more cognitive oriented social learning theory (Hogben & Byrne, 1998). Those who stand by social learning theory are in support of the belief that sexuality has value at all ages, however, they tend to ignore the concept of sexuality as a biological drive, like a force (Hogben & Byrne, 1998). Social learning theory in concise terms is basically people learning from one another whether by imitation or observation in a social context (Ahern & Mechling, 2013). By this definition, the assumption that the reason adolescents
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