Cyber Warfare And The United States

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Cyber capabilities are evolving rapidly every day which makes cyber-attacks more prevalent in the present day. In the U.S., the most notable and highly debated international cyber-attacks tie back to China. “For years, the United States has argued that economic espionage by governments is wrong and should stop”. It was not until recently that the United States made this argument heard. In September of 2015, President Obama announced that the U.S. and Chinese governments had reached a deal against cyber espionage. There are many different explanations as to what the causes are that ultimately led the U.S. and China to reach this agreement including, efforts to promote international norm, loss of sensitive information and economic …show more content…

This mechanism’s purpose is to review the timeliness and quality of replies to requests for information and assistance as it relates to concerns of malicious cyber activity for either country and it establishes a hotline. The first causative factor that ultimately led to the agreement between the U.S. and China is the efforts of the U.S. to promote some sort of international norm for cyber economic espionage. The U.S faced numerous difficulties throughout the Obama administration when it came to gathering support for the economic cyber espionage they faced from China. For instance, the Mandiant Report released in February 2013 discusses the concerns of Chinese economic cyber espionage and led to new strategy on theft of trade secrets, although; the U.S. lacked the support of other countries when trying to advance international support against such economic espionage and consequently made no improvements. Also in 2014, the U.S. attempted to emphasize a norm by indicting Chinese military personnel and still lacked international support. These examples show how the United States’ continuously failed efforts to formulate an international norm against Chinese cyber espionage ultimately led to the U.S. China deal being put into effect. The U.S. continuously tried to gather other countries support against cyber espionage and rather they came to an agreement with the source of their cyber espionage problems and let the world

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