Cyber Warfare : The Next Frontier

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Cyber Warfare: The Next Frontier
The year: 2015. The information age is well underway and is only gaining more power and force as time progresses. The many vast, intricate networks used for such things as communication, online shopping, business technologies and even online banking, are growing and metamorphosing into tools now utilized by not only the every-day consumer but rather political groups and individuals with extremist and even deadly intentions. Cyber warfare can be defined as politically inspired computer security hacking to achieve sabotage and/or espionage. Cyber warfare looks to seek and exploit weaknesses in a computer system with chaos and destruction ultimately in mind. Cyber warfare is increasingly described as the next battlefront. Conventional warfare (hand-to-hand combat) looks to be a thing of the past. Information systems and technologies are taking over the world and with it, the potential for global-sized destruction and political gain. As the global online community and its information systems are skyrocketing at alarming rates, so are the number of users and even governments looking for an edge over competitors and threats. Using technology the world is only beginning to understand, governments, terrorists, and individual actors are taking advantage of the lack of legislature, the unknown, and international and intrastate cooperation to wage a new kind of war. An emerging dichotomy remains, if it can be made, it can be hacked. Which begs the

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