Cyberthreats Essay

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The health care industry and businesses is always being targeted by cyberthreats at an increasingly alarming rate. Breaches and malicious attacks like financial and retail, health care is no longer on the sidelines and considered one of the five top security breaches. The most recent breach is an ongoing issue with healthcare timely reporting the beach within the 60 days’ time frame. A cyberattack on April 6, 2017 on the IRS revealed that up to 100,000 taxpayers may have had their personal information stolen in a scheme involving the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. The criminals obtain access to the IRS from a system named “Get Transcript” this system allowed the criminals to use information they obtain from the previous years they had about the …show more content…

Train employees on security computer programing on how to detect spyware on their systems. Also do a security scan of the network for possible threats of attacks. Monitor outbound traffic of their networks connections to see if it deviates from normal operations. Keeping operating systems updated can make it hard for someone on the outside to breach the databases for intentional and unintentional access. The first action of implementing a management program is to do a full risk assessment. No plan of action can take place unless this assessment has been done. There are simple strategies that you can use to ensure that all the networks are up to date. Pay close attention to notifications regarding the systems like antivirus software, web browsers and firewalls updates. Ignoring these will leave cracks in your defense systems. One of the most cost-effective ways to prevent attacks is to increase employee’s awareness by implementing privacy training. Create some strong passwords and change them frequently. There are experts that stated that you should never use the same passwords for all your accounts you can have your personal information stolen. Create passwords that is diverse that combine symbols, numbers and other factors to ensure safety. All passwords should be changed every few months. Implement policies and procedures to limit access to the system and all facilities ensuring that

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