D ) Implementing The Public Policy

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D)Implementing the Public Policy
According to information found on, existing laws allows RNs working in primary care clinics to dispense drugs or other devices only upon an order by a physician and surgeon. This law expands the number of practitioners under whose orders an RN may dispense medications to include CNMs, NPs, and PAs (AB 2348 Assembly Bill Bill Analysis). This law was cited on as an improvement to the Affordable Care Act which is a health care reform law passed under President Obama. The goal of the Affordable Care Act was to reduce the amount of uninsured people while improving the quality and affordability of health care across the nation. The Affordable Care Act provides preventive care, including …show more content…

Another possible success of AB 2348 becoming a law in 2013 is that it inspired the passing of SB 493. SB 493 is a law, also signed by Governor Brown, that allows girls and women in California just drop by their neighborhood pharmacy and pick up birth control pills without a prescription from a doctor (Karlamangla, S., 2016, April 8). The article further shared that contraceptives aren’t officially over-the-counter, but can be obtained by simply talking to a pharmacist and filling out a questionnaire. This new development is intended to further increase access to birth control and continue with the goal of reducing unintended pregnancies.
A possible failure and unintended consequences of AB 2348 is that it was linked to the Affordable Care Act which had a fair amount of pros but also had a lot of drawbacks for its consumer. The Affordable Care Act increased coverage raised overall health care costs in the short-term. This was mainly because many people received preventive care and testing, such as hormonal contraceptives (Amadeo, K., 2017, February 1).
A second unintended consequence is that AB 2348 was faced with criticism and backlash, especially from Republicans and Christian value based groups. Critics argued that AB2348 allows registered nurses to assume the role of doctors and voiced that nurses should not allowed to prescribe contraceptives because they lack the expertise of an actual physician. Others have argued that doctors are now a vanishing breed

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