D.c 's First Developmental Milestone Essay

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D.C is in 8th grade at Tompkins Square Middle School in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Mrs. R reported that she did not have difficulty during her pregnancy. She gave birth a few days before she was due but it had not been a complication. Mrs. R mentioned that D.C’s first developmental milestone was when she began crawling, which was when she was 7 months. She then began walking, her second milestone, when she was 11 months and then was potty trained at the age of 2. D.C’s first language was Spanish. Mrs. R reported that as a child growing up, her bilingual family surrounded D.C; she constantly interchanged the two languages while at home. D.D.C began wearing classes in 6th grade when they discovered that her eyesight had not been perfect. All of her milestones had been reached at the normal regular age and rate that it should be reached.
D.C currently lives with her mother, stepfather and younger sister in her apartment home in Brooklyn, NY. Her grandparents, from her stepfather’s side, live upstairs from her apartment, as well as her uncle and younger cousins. Family surrounds her where she resides. She grew up in the Lower East side across from her grandmothers’ home. He mother reports that she gets along well with her younger sister although sometimes she experiences jealousy of her younger sister for no apparent reason. She is treated equal to her younger sister who is eight years younger than her. D.C was an only child until the age of eight and when her sister was
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