DEBATE - Ghana International Airlines can only be saved through divestiture

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GOOD AFTERNOON, Honorable Chairperson, Dean of Students, Distinguished student leaders, fellow debaters, ladies and gentlemen.
“In the state of the industry address by Giovanni Bisignani; CEO of the International Air Transport Authority (IATA) - the global regulatory body for airlines states that “the African continent has recorded the highest rate of recovery in profits (6%) after the global recession. Any nation would immensely benefit if it invests enough into any flag carrier or its civil aviation authority. Thus I come to stand against the motion “Ghana International Airlines can only be saved through divestiture.”
Mr. Chairman, please permit me to begin with a brief history of Ghana International Airlines. It was set up in 2004 as …show more content…

Another point is that, it brings in bureaucratic complexity. In addition to direct financial costs, there may be additional bureaucratic complexities necessitated by the need to coordinate and control core activities with additional activities. This tends to waste time and resources of GIA which could have otherwise been used for productive activity.

Mr. Chairman, I’m not only here to make worse an already worst situation, but also to provide suggestions to possible solutions to saving GIA.

Firstly: Formation of a new management team to replace the old – Since there were so many problems associated with the previous management and several complaints about their incompetency; instead of divesting, a new management team should be put in place with a control mechanism in place to check against corruption. This proposed new management will possess the requisite expertise and adequate knowledge in the aviation industry to move GIA forward into its denied glory.

Mr. Chairman, in addition to this: GIA could also practice CODE SHARING. According to Wikipedia, Code sharing or codeshare is an aviation business term for the practice of multiple airlines selling space on the same flights, where a seat can be purchased on one airline but is actually operated by a cooperating airline under a different flight number or code. It allows greater access to cities through a given airline 's network without having to

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