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Good Morning and Welcome Distinguished Guests, family, and friends of our Graduating Class, it is an honor to have you join us this morning for such a wonderful occasion.
To the Property Accounting Senior Technician Warrant Officer Advanced Course, Class, I thank you for allowing me to be the guest speaker today and Congratulations on completing another key phase of your career development.
You all have been afforded a great opportunity not only to be taught by some great instructors. I want to thank you again for honoring me with the opportunity to be your guest speaker at this your graduation to the senior level military education.
I asked myself, what do I want to talk about to the newly promoted Army senior leaders? I thought that talking about what has help me to achieve the successful career up to know would be a valuable tool to share you all of you.
Today, I want to talk to you about the fundamental “Powerful P’s” that have been the key concepts to my leadership attributes and professionalism. I hope that as you progress in your military career my fundamental Powerful P’s enables you propel to a higher level of leadership and professionalism as it has done for me.

The first fundamental of my Powerful P’s is:

Prepare – I ask you to do your very best when preparing for the task at
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I’m not promising that they will work for you, but if you apply your self they will help shape your leadership future. I encourage you all continue to utilized the friendships you developed here during the course of your stay, foster and continue to cultivate one another. Together you as a team of leaders you can also progress in you military career to higher success levels. Remember to be true to yourself and others. As I leave today, I want to thank you for the honor of allowing me to be your guest speaker. God bless the United States, God bless the Army and God bless you
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