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BERNARD ETUOKWU BSc Social Sciences Part- time Year 1. Assignment 2. Consider the Social Model of Disability. How useful is this model in helping us understand the nature of Disability discrimination? Inspired by the writings of various disabled activists and scholars the 1980’s and the 1990’s,disability studies has taken on an emancipatory turn because of the paradigm shift by sociologists and activists from explaining disability in terms of individual pathology or biomedical to the ways in which environmental and cultural barriers exclude disabled people from mainstream society and everyday life. This essay will provide a definition of the social model of Disability as opposed to the bio medical model and discuss briefly the…show more content…
Disabled sociologists have been very critical of the disabling and offensive nature of much of social science research that has been done regarding disability .Oliver (1992),Abberley (1992).In terms of sociological research Morris(1992(a):201-2) advocates that there is a need for changes to the social relations of research productions and that researchers engage with the following questions in mind. Who do I want this research to influence? Who do I want to be aware of this research? Who do I want to relate to this research?. A clear message so far from social research is that what matters to the disabled is that the non-disabled recognise the profound nature of their struggles to realise a barrier-free society.Barton(2004). The emancipatory or liberating approach requires that justice ,equality and participation or inclusion be the a primary imperative. Disabled people have been subjected to a range of offensive responses by other Although the social model of disability has been celebrated as a major triumph in the socio political struggle for equality,participation and justice for the
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