DSS Application in the US Military

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DSS Application in the US Military: As usual, aggregate capacity is used to meet a distribution of resource requirements though these capacity plan is rendered ineffective in achieving current needs due to environmental and organization conditions or changes. Due to the ineffectiveness of the capacity in meeting the existing demands, decision makers are forced to look for alterations that improve the balance between resource demands and supplies. However, the resource distribution problems that emerge during maintenance, production, and other operational settings can be resolved through heuristic or mathematical programming. Notably, the successful implementation of the heuristic or mathematical programming may be hindered by several barriers. As a result, Decision Support Systems (DSS) are used to promote successful implementation and lessen the barriers since they can capture and arrange the required data and models. In addition, the systems operationalize the models and provide the operationalized models and subsequent knowledge in user-friendly and timely way. Moreover, the feedback loops can obtain and organize the consequent knowledge for future processing and promote sensitivity evaluations of the findings in user-directed manner. Need for the Decision Support System: The application of the DSS in the American military is important because the U.S. Department of the Army is an organization that could benefit from resource allocation that is based on the systems
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