Da Jiang Innovations Science And Technology Co Essay

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Da-Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd. DJI Drones have always been accessible to the military, but in recent years they have become more accessible to the public. Before there was a giant manufacture of them, hobbyists made them for their entertainment. Enter Frank Wang, now CEO of DJI, he was a college student with a passion of making these drones. It started as a hobby for him only to turn into a business, he started making them for the film industry as they needed drones to fly the cameras to get aerial footage. Fast forward 10 years and his company owns eighty percent of the drone market. Although they maybe dominating in their field, the company still has many issues that need to be fixed including, waste areas and supply chain constraints. To expand on their problems, we must first know what is their primary product and who is their target. DJI is known for making consumer drones, not just regular hover aircrafts but aircrafts with the ability to capture 4k video and pictures. Their Phantom series drove 1billion in sales for the 2015 year, they are currently in the fourth iteration of the product (Phantom 4). On September 27th, 2016 DJI announced their newest drone, The Mavic Pro, the best compact drone in the market. This drone incorporates the same features as the Phantom 4, while being able to fold its wings in. This is what caused the biggest areas of waste in the company. 7- Waste Areas The Seven areas of waste consist of: overproduction,

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