Essay on Dagenham Ripper

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I wandered past the Foggy park, I could feel the coldness on my skin, I could hear my heart get faster as it tried to pump blood round my body to try and make me warmer, There was no-one else around, apart from some stray cats and foxes. Then suddenly from nowhere I heard a massive scream, it echoed around the park getting louder and louder, I was scared at this point trying not to slow down and look, I held my head up and started running home, knowing that I wasn’t that far, I could see a branch up ahead on the ground and told myself don’t trip over that, even though moments before I had thought about avoiding it, I kept running and for some reason my brain wouldn’t communicate with my leg and I just stumbled as I …show more content…

my leg was still in pain so I didn’t want to hang around because I knew if I waited around I could miss my interview and that is one thing I couldn’t miss, I slowly walked towards Becontree Train station, it was still pretty cold, as I arrived at the station I wandered down the steps to the platform and got a District line train towards Dagenham East, It was now 9am, I only had one hour to get to my interview I would be early, as I arrived at Dagenham east.

I got off the train stepped onto the platform and slowly wandered up the stairs towards the ticket gates, I inserted my ticket into the machine and walked through the barrier, once outside the station I wandered down to Dagenham East Police Station, this is where I had my interview, by this time I was 10mins early, I went into the station and spoke to the sergeant that was working on the front desk told him I was there for an interview, he told me to take a seat so I did.
Less than two minutes after taking a seat I was called in to the interview by the borough commander they asked me various of questions about why I wanted to be a detective and I explained that I wanted to capture fugitives and make sure I make the area a better place, he then went on to tell me what my roles would be and how many hours I would have to work, and asked me what I thought, there was only one answer I could tell him and that was Yes

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