Dance Concert Research Paper

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Dance Concert Reflection Essay

Last week was such an amazing experience! I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to dance with all my wonderful 4th period friends and take part in the Fall Show, “Subsequent”, with the rest of the BHS Dancers (including my wonderful big, Lindsey)! I’m really proud of how the dance department did as a whole. I love dancing at Brookwood High School because it’s so different than the strict ballet setting that I’m used to at my studio. It is also very special to be part of something at my school. As a Sugarloaf Ballet Company Dancer, I’ve not had this experience before. Dance has always been separate from my school. It is so exciting to be able to say that I dance for Ms. Ellen at Brookwood High School.
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I hope this will begin to change as I have more exposure to these styles of dance, as I have not taken very many classes in these genres. I have found it very intriguing and enjoyable to study new styles of dance. As for what I have accomplished so far, I’ve really enjoyed being able to branch out from the environment I’ve become accustomed to the last eleven years. I even like jazz, a style I was never too fond of before this year. As for goals for next semester, I’d like to learn to utilize improvisation better by learning to be more creative in my movements when I improvise. I’d also like to loosen up more, and be able to do hip hop much better. Honestly, my goal is to become a better and well-rounded dancer through my involvement in Brookwood High School Dance. As much as I like exploring other styles, I would like to do some ballet and maybe a little pointe work. I would enjoy getting to do some of the styles that have made me into the dancer I am so far. But of course, I see the value of all of the styles of dance so please understand I am all in whatever style we
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