Dangers Of The Fashion Industry

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America’s Obsession For decades people all over the world dream to become models. The Fashion industry has been around for decades and it continues to flourish today. Modeling has become an influential sport which creates false expectations for men and women around the world. The fashion industry has turned a blind eye to modeling by taking photos of models to make them look glamorous without showing the dangers it can have on the health of models. T.V. shows, movies, magazines, and other media influence society’s perspective of what they should look like according to Hollywood and the fashion industry. Fashion companies anticipate bizarre thinness within their models that results in eating disorders and irregular dieting leading to starvation. Models turn to alternatives like anorexia and other disorders to meet company expectations. Anorexia is the most common disorders among various models in the fashion industry. Companies exhort models to indulge in dangerous health alternations and malnutrition models should be a concern for companies across the nation. Fashion companies should require medical examinations to increase the health of models and demolish false expectations that Hollywood and media present to society.
Fashion companies set unrealistic and dangerous conditions that affect health. The Fashion industry require most of their models to meet corrupt morals of society. Models are risking their health to become what is acceptable to both fashion

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