Dangers and Consequences of Genetic Engineering Essay

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Dangers and Consequences of Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering will be deadly. The harmful effects of this gene manipulation will not be

discovered for years, and it will be too late to reverse the damage.

The tools of genetic engineering are natural substances that control biochemical reactions

that work like chemical scissors and glue, cutting and pasting DNA molecules and sticking them

into the DNA of microbes. The microbes with these transplanted genes may be commercially

useful because they can produce proteins that cannot be obtained economically from other

sources, or scientists can just take advantage of nature's own genetic ability, using the microbes

to insert the transplanted genes
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Genetically manipulated products can reproduce, mutate,

grow, and migrate. When they are released into the natural environment it is impossible to recall

them, they are living organisms and it would not be viable. This is especially true because they

would be microscopic viruses and bacteria, which are a definite threat and very likely to result

from their release.

Several previous technologies have been proven to have adverse effects, like the incident

of tryptophan. "In 1989, a genetically engineered form of the food supplement tryptophan

produced toxic contaminants. As a result, 37 people died, 1500 others were permanently disabled,

and 500 others became very ill. This mistake could happen again." ( Eosinophilia-mygalgia

syndrome and tryptophan production: a cautionary tale. Mayeno, A.N.Gleich, G.L.Tibtech, 12,

346-352.) Another example of the devastating results unexpected by their developers was DDT. It

turned out to accumulate in fish and thin the shells of fish-eating birds such as osprey and eagles.

And chlorofluorocarbons were found to float into the upper atmosphere and destroy the ozone

layer that protects the earth from harmful radiation.

With what

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