Dangers of Electrical Shock and Safety Measures for Prevention

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ZIAUDDIN COLLEGE OF PHYSICAL THERAPY Electrical Shocks, Safety Measures, and Maintenance of Line-Powered Devices Subject: physical agents & electrotherapy-I I. BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE A. Electrical Shock B. Line-Versus Battery-Powered Devices C. Dangers Of Line Powered Devices D. Physiological Damage E. Purpose Of Chapter II. GENESIS OF AN ELECTRICAL SHOCK A. Ground-Fault Pathway B. Device Electrical Insulation C. Body As Pathway III. PROTECTION AGAINST ELECTRICAL SHOCKS A. Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter Receptacle B. Operating Mechanism C. Testing GFCI Receptacle IV. PREVENTION, OPERATIONAL SAFETY, AND MAINTENANCE A. Overall Measures B. Preventive Measures C. Operational Safety Measures D.…show more content…
2. Danger Usage of line-powered device could be dangerous. As leakage of AC current (i.e. 60 hertz) in the body if it is of sufficient amplitude and duration it can cause motor nerves depolarization thus induce involuntary tetanic like muscle contraction. As in most of the humans muscle contraction frequencies are 40 and 60 hertz. 3. Battery-powered devices Leaking of current from a battery-powered device is not dangerous. They are safe because there is continuous 0 hertz DC current regardless of its amplitude and duration. This low voltage current cannot be able to cause nerve depolarization and thus couldn’t induce titanic muscle contraction. D. Physiological damage When a 60 hertz AC current of 5 mA passes through a body it may cause unwanted physiological changes such as tissue burn and tetanic muscle contraction which may cause severe body injuries including death. 1. Tetanic muscle contraction The victom may showed minor-to-vigrous tetanic muscle contractions which may cause respiratory arrest or cardiac arrest and it leads to death by electric shock. 2. Tissue burn When 60 hertz AC current passed through a body it cause burn injuries primarily at skin surface and secondarily in deeper tissues because skin tissues offer more resistance to current than the deeper tissues. Deeper tissue burn injuries are stronger if the skin is in
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