Our Great Influential Advancement is the Internet Essay

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The most influential advancement of the past 100 years would be the internet. The internet single handedly changed the daily life of how people, businesses, and organizations interact on a global scale. Our economy has been greatly impacted by this invention, but it is difficult to quantitatively measure the impact due to its vastness. The internet comes with pros and cons, and in the following paragraphs I will present how we, as a society, have been affected by this invention.
The internet has impacted the economy in many ways, one specifically would be by making it possible to buy and sell products without any face to face contact. Products that were not available in the store are now available online and ready to order to one’s …show more content…

This price has slowly been decreasing over the past decades. The internet has a relatively high opportunity cost relative to time. People can use it to find out valuable information, but mostly people play games and talk to people online when they could be outside exercising, doing productive work, or participating in social activities.
Consumers in the past 100 years did not have a demand for internet at first, but over time, more and more people obtained access to the internet. The internet started out as just an idea, and from that idea, became what we use everyday now. The ARPANET (The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) was the first internet. At the time of this invention, the computer was way too expensive for typical consumers to have. But over time as technology increased, having a computer started to become the status quo and many more people had access.
One unintended consequence of internet have been that it has breached the security of the general public. One example of this would be the data breach of the large corporation, Target. Personal and/or payment information of over 100 million people was stolen offline. The “cybercrime” caused many people with Target cards to be scared and worried. People were canceling cards left and right, so much that the phone services were too backed up to help anyone. The data breach also hurt Target’s profits. According to the New York Times, net earnings went

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