Dante Alighieri ( 1265-1321 )

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1. Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) was banished from Florence in 1302 and was a soldier in the battle of Sienese and Campaldino.
2. There was a lot of political unrest during Dante’s lifetime, as well as a horde of new poetical and literary movements that arose. This was due to the Guelfi Party’s split into two: those in favor of the pope and those in favor of the emperor. In addition, the new poetical movement that came about was called the “Stilnovo”, and was basically a style where poets would discuss their feelings of love and theorize about love.
3. Dante’s wife, Gemma Donati, does not have as large an influence on his work as Beatrice Portinari, his first love. Many of Dante’s poems in the Vita Nuova are based on his love for Beatrice and the passion that he feels for her.
4. Dante held the occupations of a patrician in Florence, a poet and author in Florence, a soldier at the battles of Sienese and Campaldino, a student at the convents of Santa Croce and Santa Maria Novella, a secretary to Scarpetta Ordelaffi, an ambassador to Venice, Rome and San Gimignano, a magistrate in Florence, and a politician in Florence.
5. Dante belonged to the political party “Guelphi”, which was the most prominent in Florence and the surrounding areas. When the Guelphi split, Dante became a white Guelphi, those in favor of the emperor rather than the pope.
6. La Vita Nuova or Vita Nova is an anthology of poems written by Dante Alighieri in 1295. It is an expression of the medieval…

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