`` Daredevil : Born Again By Frank Miller And The Amazing Spider M Death Of The Stacys

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“And the story ends with none of this having been changed,” Anthony M. states in his article Retro Review: “Daredevil: Born Again” published back in March 2016. Many comic readers can reflect with this statement due to the simple fact that many comic books never change its concept. Comic books usually stay consistent now-a-days. Their is a superhero, a super-villain, something in distress, and a semi-violet story line. With time, things evolve and change to adapt to new cultures, ideas, and eras. Although, this consistency had to start somewhere. Comic book fans can argue that many different comics are a huge influence on todays comics. There are two comics in particular that really play to this equation. The issues presented in Daredevil:…show more content…
Long story short, Karen sells the true identity of Daredevil to the Kingpin, which results in the Kingpin wanting to eradicating anything revolving around the life of Matt Murdock for turning him in multiple times to authorities. Some of the themes a reader can find in this collection are religion, alienation, love, discovery, and of course betrayal. What really got attention for this comic was the theme of religion. In the comic there is an entire section where Matt is rescued by catholic nuns and taken care of. Sister Maggie is preying to God hoping that Matt will be safe and okay in the end(Daredevil: Born Again page 97). This theme is really important to the entire story as it builds the discovery of Matt and his character throughout the series. Ironic that Daredevil takes on the name with a demonic tone yet follows the light of God. The Amazing Spider-Man: Death of Stacys is a series that was a game changer for any comic book series after this one. Stan Lee and his partners really pushed the bar when it comes to this series. Keep in mind, the story line is a basic hero fighting villain story, with a love interest, and motives for the hero to grow. Then what is it that really pushes the story in The Amazing Spider-Man: Death of Stacys? Peter Parker is an average kid who happens to have the luck and be Spider-Man, he has crazy spider-like powers, great
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