Data Storage Of Data Warehouses Essay

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Data WareHouses A Data WareHouse is a type of database normally used by large companies to store large amounts of data in and have the data be easily accessible. They are normally set up in one of three set-ups. The basic model that takes data straight from it sources, such as operational systems and flat files. The Staging Mode that has a staging area that takes the data, from the systems and files before moving it to data warehouse. The Final type adds data marts, a small database that takes specific information from the data warehouse, to the previous model between the data warehouse and the end users. Data Warehouses are also really useful because they make it easy to pull data from either queries or data mining. Data warehouses are a useful tool when dealing with large amounts of data. Bill Inmon, the Father of the data warehouse defines the database as “ an integrated, subject-oriented, time-variant, nonvolatile collection of data the provides support for decision making.”(Coronel) The first thing that should be explained is what Inmon means by integrated, subject-oriented, time-variant, and nonvolatile mean in the context of a data warehouse. A data warehouse is integrated in a way that all data is in a conformed standard that everyone that uses the data warehouse is able to understand. The data warehouse is Subject-oriented, meaning it is arranged in such a way that it the data could easily be pulled up type and subject. A Data Warehouse maintains time-variants,

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