The Avalon Data Warehouse Implementation Essay

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1. Introduction
Avalon is an application that supports a standard way of working across Fugro. To support this standard way of working Avalon applications handle with an enormous volume of transactional data daily. In a further stage this transactional data is used for monitoring and controlling process and decision making, in line with the Avalon program goals below.
- Improve Cross-OpCo and Cross-divisional project transparency and control and;
- Provide automated key information and reporting at all levels.
The Avalon data warehouse is a combination of data warehouse functionality with a business intelligence application that expanding Avalon reporting capability and enable Avalon to achieve goals concerning reporting.
This document describes the Avalon data warehouse as a business solution to enhance Avalon reporting.
Chapter 2 describes the Avalon data warehouse functionality and chapter 3 the scope of the Avalon data warehouse. Chapter 4 lists the motivation for supporting the Avalon data warehouse implementation. In chapter 5, the process of collecting and processing business requirements is described. At chapters 6 and 7, there is a technical description of the architecture and data security, and Chapter 8 outlines the implementation plan.
2. Avalon data warehouse
The Avalon data warehouse is a business solution that enhances Avalon with powerful database functionalities. These functionalities provide to Avalon users a practical way to view historic data, and by

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