Database Analysis : Database Management System

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Database Management System in easy terms we can say that set of data organized in a relative way. It allows data for various entries, storage and retrieval of large quantity of information and provides ways to manage how the information is stored. There is big number of database providers and each different database has its own strength so while choosing a particular database we need to understand what the business requirement is and match them with what DBMS can provide us to make our data management conveniently and easily. Oracle Database has wide range of products and services that they offer. The current recent version of oracle database is 12c in market. it has multi-tenant architecture and it has very good resources to make it more efficient for users to use. It has unlimited number of database size and user can take advantage of various functions in it like data warehousing, big data architecture depending on the needs of the user organization.

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DBMS – Microsoft SQL Server

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Database Management System is a kind of software used to manage complex and large data in a related format. It allows us to pull the data from different sources, store and sort the data. It is a…
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