Database Development Life Cycle ( Ddlc )

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The database development life cycle (DDLC) is the steps involved from the start to finish of a database 's life. Typically, a database’s life end when its functionality to a user is no longer applicable to the users ' needs. The DDLC consists of seven interdependent steps: database planning, database analysis, logical database design, physical database design, implementation and data mapping, integration and testing, operation and maintenance, and disposition (Gupta, Mata-Toledo, and Monger 2011). Each step has associated security risks that must be accounted for. This assessment aims to describe, briefly, the purpose of each step and associated security risks Database Development Life Cycle Database planning is the first step of the DDLC. During this step, the requirement of the database in relation to an organization’s wants and anticipated use is determined. The amounts of data stored, processed, and daily resource activity is determined by consultation with the organization’s upper level management (Aaron 2016). For security reasons, the level of access rights to the database is also determined by upper level management of the organization. Database designers, knowing the requirements and security measures, can more accurately translate the requirements to the second step of the DDLC. The privilege levels also aids database developers in asking appropriate questions to departments within the organization whilst restricting “need to know” information. Database

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