Datril Case

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Marvin Koslow, vice president for marketing services at Bristol-Myers is going to choose a positioning strategy for Datril, an acetaminophen based analgesic, in order to solidify Bristol-Myers’ position in the analgesics market and gain share in the rapidly growing acetaminophen market. There are two possible options: ‘Pricing at par with Tylenol and it as a Tylenol substitute, featuring Bristol-Myers product’ and ‘low Priced alternative to Tylenol’. I strongly recommend that Bristol-Myers choose the former option with a modification. Reasons for the Decision
First of all, this option gives the company a chance to effectively target. The target customer of Datril should not be
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Exhibit 1: 5C Frame

Customer | * 90% of customers uses aspirin based analgesics * Many of them are suffering from side effects such as upset stomach, irritation of the stomach lining, or an allergic reaction. * 10% of customers who generally visited doctors and who get prescription use acetaminophen thorough doctor’s recommendation. | Company | * 3 Major business Units: Consumer Product Group (25.8%), Clairol (22.4%)
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