Surjeet Kalsey Poem Analysis

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Surjeet has taught at the Vancouver Community College since 2001. She also works as a counsellor for battered women and continues to write. Many of the works by Kalsey reflect women's issues in Indo-Canadian life. Violence against women and violence within the family are but a few of the issues that emerge in her plays, poetry and short stories. Although little has been written about Surjeet Kalsey, she delivers a powerful spirit in poems such as 'Disowning Oneself where she speaks of the struggle of women and their desire to be free. Tree and leaf analogies in Surjeet's poems describe emotions such as bliss and jealousy and portray the struggle of women.
Not only Indo-Canadian women have to struggle within their own homes and communities …show more content…

The poems of Surjeet Kalsey, which we have dealt with are I want my Chaos Back', (A Women with a Hole in Her Heart' from The Geography of Voice and 'Migratory Birds', 'Siddhartha Does Penance Once Again3, 'Transcending A Statue', 'She and He 2', from Shakti's Words: An Anthology of South Asian Canadian Women Poets, and of Lakshmi Gill's 'Letter to a Prospective Immigrant', 'Out of Canada' from The Geography of Voice and 'At a Dinner Party', Confrontations' from Shakti's Words and 'Legacy' and 'Pleas' from Returning the Empties.
The immigrants who live in Canada can be labelled as belonging to a racial minority group which feels homeless, rootless, suffer from a sense of alienation and fear of losing its identity. Hence the predominant theme is one of the essential despair and loneliness, keenly felt and poignantly expressed by the immigrant poets. The feeling of bareness and homelessness is one of the dominant characteristics of their poems.
Kalsey in her poem I Want My Chaos Back' (28 August 1983, Harbourfront, Toronto), reflects the gnawing pain of hopelessness, homelessness and barrenness. She says: today I am three thousand miles away from throbbing bubbling figurines of my flesh ... how much I miss their presence ... how much ... the very thought of not being
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There is also a sense of isolation and fear, and intense nostalgia. In the poem 'Transcending a Statue’ a sense of wonder and surprise, a sense of nostalgia, so much a part of the immigrant psyche is vividly illustrated in the poet's evocation of the Canadian ethos: its eography, climate, its culture, a sense of desolation perceive even more sharply when juxtaposed against the home environment. The poem shows the problems which the immigrants face.
In the poem 'Siddhartha Does Penance Once Again', Surjeet Kalsey recreates the spiritual myth in terms of the immigrants journey away from home, this time towards materialistic values. In this poem Kalsey uses the Buddha allusion for the immigrant experience.
The western civilisation is pervasively patriarchal. It is male-centred and male controlled, and is organised and conducted in such a way as to subordinate women to men in all cultural domains: familial, religious, political, economic and social. Women themselves are taught the process of their being socialised, to internalise the reigning patriarchal ideology that is the conscious and unconscious presuppositions about male superiority. Women live the life of others; they are governed and dominated by male. They follow tradition. Surjeet Kalsey in the poem 'She and He~2' brings forward the mental and physical

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