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David DeJonge is a seasoned veteran in public relations, brand name identity, marketing and SMM. 30 years of experience as a photo journalist, business owner/ builder and 10 years service of public relations managing high profile international media (Broadcast & print. local & networks) makes him a keen strategist for implementation of your mission and execution of your goals.

-Marketing: SMM, brand name identity, press releases and business growth.
-Communications: marketing, media interviews and facilitation of press conferences.
-Non-Profit: Passage of two laws signed by President Obama, restoration of War Memorial on National Mall (Washington, DC) and the production of a feature length film.

Expansive biography:
Beginning in
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This involved press releases, interviews and schedule meet and greet with the subjects for interviews.

In 2004 He strategized, mapped and executed a cross country fundraising cruise for ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) which raised $400,000. This project involved organizing a multi media team that drove from Chicago to Santa Barbara along Route 66. Part of the project was to locate subjects in each state, arrange an interview, photo and video shoot to align with the group of 75 traveling schedule. Each day DeJonge oversaw deliverables of video, photography, and reports which were then dispersed to the start point, locations of subjects and national media.

In 2006, DeJonge started a large scale campaign that involved over 100,000 miles of travel, press relations on local, state, regional, national and international level. This yielded an unprecedented amount of media coverage. The project was to document the last survivors of World War One. DeJonge located, interviewed, photographed and filmed each subject in American and England. He served in a consulting role to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington DC where verification of each veteran would be
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Simultaneously they fought for a law to create a National WWI Memorial. A law was passed by the government appointed agency (not DeJonge's 501c3 WWI Memorial Foundation) for a National memorial at a location that would prove to be dire.

DeJonge has been opposed to this location and has continued his media campaign and writes op eds for the Washington Post and other publications.

DeJonge was the director and producer of Pershing's Last Patriot a feature length documentary on the WWI Memorial effort. It is distributed on Amazon, GooglePlay, iTunes, and YouTube as well as DVD.

DeJonge launched Legacy Icons in 2009 which produces Orthodox Christian Icons. This business has doubled consecutively every year since opening. It has surpassed all established manufacturers and produces tens of thousands of units annually. He manages a staff of ten and manages the brand name identity and SMM of Legacy Icons. Legacy Icons has 15,000 followers on Facebook with a weekly imprint of over 30-50,000 impressions.
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