Daycare Center Incident

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The reporter use to work in the kitchen area of the daycare for 5-6 years. A few months ago, she was moved to a classroom. The reporter didn't actually see anything until in a classroom. She use to hear a child being whipped while in the kitchen but never seen it. The reporter witnessed children in the pre-toddler and toddler classrooms being whipped with a yellow, hard, plastic bat. According to the reporter, this happened everyday. It last happened last Thursday. The reporter stated she quit on September 29th. The reporter didn't see any marks or bruises on the children. The reporter stated when she did see, she had someone else call and make a report to the hotline due to her still working there. One of the children at the daycare isTyler. …show more content…

Angela is military style strict. She would snatch the child up if they didn't move like she says. She would shake and snatch them out of line. Tyler and Gazahria have been the ones to always get pulled. Angela had her picks and chooses of who she mistreats. Angela would mistreat them so bad that the after school children were terrified of her. Some of the children still attend the daycare. She would yell and get in some of the children's faces. Derrick is an infant that did attend the daycare. There was an incident were he wasn't feeling well and was crying. Angela was irritated because he was crying. She threw him across the room into his playpen. The reporter stated she contacted the grandfather and told them they needed to come get the child and take him out of the daycare. She told the grandfather what happened. Most of the parents are not aware of the concerns. The reporter is not sure if the children told their parents. The children don't need

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