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Huffman Trucking Company DBM/380 July 16, 2012 Gaya P. Agrawal Introduction During World War II it was imperative that the United States government find a way to transport products to and from different parts of the United States. Huffman Trucking Company was one of the first companies commissioned by the United States used to assist in this effort. Established in Cleveland Ohio K. Huffman started the company with one tractor-trailer and thanks to the help of the United States government, grew to 16 tractors and 36 trailers by 1945. Today, Huffman Trucking Company has 800 road tractors and 2100 45 foot trailers at its disposal. Although Huffman has been extremely successful, the need to remain competitive by use of information…show more content…
By filling the database with test data, we can begin to determine if the tables are normalized correctly, need changes to the keys and foreign keys, or new bridge tables are needed to correctly output the data. It is also at this point that we test to ensure that data types match and all entities are of the proper format. Although Change Request No. 3 seems fairly simple, it will bring to light any issues that might have been encountered while interpreting the tables from the ERD Diagram. It is not uncommon for changes to be needed to the database after it has been created from the ERD. Moreover, now is the best time to catch these issues before the system is fully functioning making it much more difficult to make certain changes. Creating ERDs According to Kroenke and Auer (2010) there is an ERD standard, albeit very loosely practiced. The diagrams use combinations of rectangles and diamonds. Entity classes are shown using rectangles, relationships are shown using diamonds, the maximum cardinality of the relationship is shown inside the diamond, and the minimum cardinality is shown by the oval or hash mark next to the entity. The name of the entity is shown inside the rectangle and the name of the relationship is shown near the diamond. As said in the earlier section, Process of Using Entities and Attributes, the process for using the entities and attributes for the fleet truck maintenance

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