Death And Burial Of The United States

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People here in the United States, tend to discuss the topic of death and burial as little as possible and is something people always put in the back of their mind. They do not think about it or discuss it until the proper moment has come. Someone dies, and we bury them. We do not go to great lengths to almost "drag-out" the experience of death, as other cultures do. There is an American tradition that people visit the person 's grave or other sanctified spaces on occasion, but that 's the extent of our interaction with the dead in American culture. This is also a topic that as Americans, are not discussed. In other places, in other cultures, and in other lives based on how one is raised, people are not always so squeamish about death and have a continuing relationship with the deceased bodies of their family members, friends, and neighbors. Secondary burial is defined in most cases as anything other than putting the body of the dead in the ground or in a tomb and sealing it up (which is primary burial) and never letting it see the light of day again. Cremation, can count as secondary burial in some cases, as the dead body is manipulated (by being burned by fire until nothing is left except the ashes of the dead) and then disposed of in different ways. Some people keep the ashes in what is called a urn, which can have elaborate designs and hold the ashes of a loved one or friend. Others sometimes scatter the ashes in a favorite place of the deceased, such as over an ocean or
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