Death Be Not Proud Analysis

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This summer, one of the books I read was Death, Be Not Proud, by John Gunther. This is a nonfiction book, about a boy named Johnny who had a brain tumor that eventually killed him, at the young age of 17. But, this book isn’t a book of grievance and sadness; though it may seem like it. This is a book about the ways that Johnny Gunther persevered through the trials and tribulations in his short life; how he became a light to all those who entered his life, and how understood that his life was a gift, whether it seemed like it or not. This book had many, many lessons that came with it for sure, about life, and accepting what you have been given. Because even if life doesn’t seem like a gift from God; it is still a gift, one that we don’t deserve but were still given. One of the things that made Johnny’s life better, for himself, was that he knew that every breath that he breathed was a gift, That was why he put in all his effort throughout his life; because he knew that life was…show more content…
“All the things he loved tear at my heart because he is no longer here on earth to enjoy them. All the things he loved!" (John Gunther.) This quote from Johnny’s father proves that; life can be a curse, but there is always a gift within the curse, too. There are an endless amount amount of troubles in this life, only because there are a ceaseless amount of gifts. And, there are even more gifts than it seems, at a second glance, it just requires changing the way you look out on life; from looking at life like it is a curse, to looking at it like it is a blessing. Johnny understood this path of life. This path of life caused his life not to be a forlorn life; but to be a life that was given light, just in a different way. For life is always a gift from God, whether it seems like it or not. Now, when you;re life just seems to be getting worse and worse, I want you to think, “How is my life a
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