Death Of A Bad Breakup

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Most people have experienced the misery of a bad breakup. Or maybe it wasn 't miserable, but instead rejoiceful. Depending on the situation, a breakup can have a good or bad effect on a person, although they effect each partner differently. According to Merriam-Webster, a breakup is "to cease to exist as a unified whole" or simply "to end a romance"(Webster). When thinking of a breakup the first thought is the stereotypical scene where the female is heartbroken and crying hysterically, eating ice cream and using all of the tissue while her friends console her. As she is drowning herself in sorrow the male is usually out partying with other girls, forgetting about his past and enjoying the single life. Instead this is not always the case. …show more content…

Most women realize what they lost right away so the recovering process is sooner. Breakups are important because they affect the everyday lives of both partners in many ways. Despite the reason(s) for the separation, two partners breaking out of a "high-quality" relationship will share emotions. Understanding the proper response to a breakup can alleviate harsh emotions or stress. How we respond to a breakup can determine how we are affected by it in the long run.
Socially, men are defined as the gender who can tolerate the most pain and remain the strongest through hard times. Men who cannot remain strong are usually belittled and degraded of their character. This stereotype is socially normal and because of this, some men have made it a habit to push their feelings to the side and appear stronger than they are. Throughout the process of the breakup, men are more likely to deal with the breakup alone and nonchalantly because they are less approachable by friends. It is not always likely for males to approach one another about a bad breakup. Since women are more approachable, they have girlfriends to help cheer them up and make them feel better about the situation. Whenever I had to deal with a breakup, I have always had my friends there to soothe me throughout the hard time. While getting through the situation with her girlfriends, a woman is recovering. Since the man is alone he is trying to

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