Death Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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Throughout Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the theme of death is thoroughly expressed through symbolism. Death, a primary element in Hamlet, taunts and dances around the characters preceding the death of Hamlet’s father. The symbols representing death become increasingly more prominent as the play progresses, they appear in both ironic and bold forms. The enigma that death poses drives key points in the plot of the play. Collectively, the symbols of death in Hamlet provoke and foreshadow this essential tragic theme. Within Act I, scene I, the first symbol of obvious death appears – King Hamlet’s ghost. This symbol is bold but ambiguous: a ghost certainly is figure a life that has passed unnaturally, but what the ghost entails is open-ended. Horatio states, “…Such was the armor he had on when he the ambitious Norway combated…” (I.i.60-61). The ghost that appears, wears King Hamlets armor, this could symbolize protection or impending conflict. Historically, the armor should connote conflicts and uncertainty regarding the leadership of Denmark. As well, considering the supernatural aspect of ghosts, this leads into the mysteries that death poses to the characters. As Hamlet conversed with the ghost in act I. scene v., the ghost mentions “…the serpent that did sting [Hamlet’s] father’s life…” (I.v.39). Death by a serpent insinuates death by venom; this ironic as poison leads to the death of several characters later on. Coincidentally as well, in act I scene 2 Hamlet described a “…an
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