Deciding Between Olympics or Baseball for My Reasearch Paper

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Deciding on a topic for my multi-genre English project was harder than I had expected. Considering how much information is available, different viewpoints of the issue and whether or not the subject would be interesting enough made finalizing a topic difficult for me. I narrowed my choices down to the Olympic Games or Major League Baseball, as I have a strong interest in sports, especially baseball. While researching the Olympics, I was able to find plenty of information. When I first started my Google search, I simply typed in “Olympics,” which gave me over 200 million results. From there, I narrowed down my Google searches into much more specific categories, such as the history of the Olympics, steroids in the Olympics and Special …show more content…

From there, I simplified my searches into more narrow areas, such as the history of Major League Baseball, steroids in the MLB and spring training for Major League Baseball. These subtopics gave me fewer results, averaging in the 50 million range. With this many results for the narrowed topics, taking different view points in each paper to the broader topic would be easy. Using the same database as I did for the Olympics, EBSCO, I was able to find almost 26,000 results for Major League Baseball. The subcategories resulted in fewer sources, around 1,000 each. Google Scholar also offered a sufficient amount of sources, about 1 million for Major League Baseball in general, and around 40,000 for each narrowed search. Both the database results and Google Scholar results provided me with more educated writings and information on Major League Baseball than that of Google. Again, eBooks seemed to be the most logical answer to finding print sources on Major League Baseball. I was able to find over 100 eBooks, on one site alone, with information regarding Major League Baseball. The information I found on Major League Baseball was interesting and ample. Using the sources I found while researching the topic would lead to a well written multi-genre project. After considering many topics for my multi-genre English project, I was able to narrow it down to the Olympics or Major League Baseball. Then, after researching both subjects, analyzing the amount

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