Decision-Making & Innovation

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The term, ‘innovation’ refers to an act of doing something new (Dictionary) while the term, ‘decision making’ can be referred to as a ‘deliberation about the decision situation in order to make a choice’ (O’Sullivan, T. 1988). This paper intends to explore the relatedness between ‘Decision Making in Social Work’ and the research on innovation, “Investigating Innovation Using a Context: Community Based Child Care Services”. Social work aims to promote ‘social change, problem solving in human relationships and empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being’ (Gamble, D. N. & Weil, M. 2010), which are associated with a series of decision making. Crises intervention is also an area, social workers persistently focus upon, and decision making, in this context, mostly appears to be very perplexing. Focusing on this challenge, Terence O’Sullivan (1988) argues that the ‘social workers need to be critically aware of the contexts, in which decisions are made’ (O’Sullivan, T. 1988, p. 41). O’Sullivan, however, refers to the context as ‘the requirement, structures and conditions surrounding the decision making’ ((O’Sullivan, T. 1988, p. 23). Critical awareness of the context, as referred by O’Sullivan (1988), requires skills and activities beyond the gathering of knowledge associated with the context. Critical awareness is an outcome of higher order cognitive process that requires critical thinking skills (Ennis, 1993), and reflective thinking skills (Dewey, 1933; Baron,
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