Decision Making Tools For The Future State Of Nature

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Decision Making Tools The alarm clock sounds off its fanfare and once again a new day of making decisions is upon you. The choices you now have are continue to sleep in or wake up and get ready for the day. Both of these alternatives will determine a future outcome, in this case, if you choose to sleep in you may end up running behind on your scheduled activities. When you make the choice to get out of bed you are taking into account what the positive future state of nature will be if you proactively prepare for the day. The fact that you chose to get out of bed denotes that you mentally assessed all the possible alternatives and decided getting ready is the choice that leads to the best possible outcome in the future. You may have contemplated the choice to stay in bed and considered that the warm embrace of your bed was more important than making it to work on time. No matter what the decision is we all use logic to choose between two or more alternatives and, based on the probable future state of nature, make the choice which best suits our need. In the business world, managers are placed in a position to make decisions. The request for a decision can come from different areas. A superior may request a manager to make a decision that impacts the organization in some way. In most cases this type of decision must be made by the appointed manager and is not eligible for delegation. There may be some cases when a subordinate may ask the manager to make a decision in order
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