The Importance of Delegation Essay

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Delegation is an important function in any organization and in today’s environment we see it becoming increasingly important in the health care setting. For management to make the best use of their time and skills effective delegation of tasks to the staff assists in their growth and development, builds confidence and trust, and increases the amount of work completed. Effective delegating provides benefits to the organization when managers mobilize resources, share responsibilities, and focus on doing a few tasks well, rather than many things less effectively resulting in increased management and leadership potential. The need for accessible, affordable, quality health care and an ever-growing shortfall of practitioners and providers …show more content…

Empowerment goes beyond delegation by enabling individuals and teams to achieve results critical in today’s competitive markets where speed, response and customer satisfaction are the standard. Empowerment is a tool used by leadership to allow a team or an individual freedom and creativity to achieve operative or strategic goals. Final results or milestones are the measurements used to gauge success and the manager’s trust is key when empowering staff. Nevertheless, empowerment emphasizes outcomes where delegation emphasizes compliance to procedure or policy. Looking at the slight differences I feel you can delegate simple daily tasks, but to reach your organizational goals you must empower your staff when you delegate. Empowerment is seen when the staff takes ownership of the delegated task (McConnell, 1995).
Delegation and empowerment involve authority to complete a task or accomplish a goal; they do not assign or transfer responsibility in any way. Management must always take care to remember they are ultimately responsible for tasks they delegate. As tasks are completed the manager must review the delegated work and ensure that it is complete, done properly, and meets your high standards. If you as the manager are satisfied then recognize those who accomplished the task but if it not acceptable then do not accept the work and do it yourself (Mind Tools, 2007). When managers delegate or empower their staff they must clearly articulate the

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