Essay on Decisions in Paradise Business Scenario part III

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Decisions in Paradise Business Scenario part III One my say the core of any organization is the staff of team members. However, team leaders cannot make a profit without the vital part of the business the team members. Team members can bring success or bring failure to the organization. While decision- making without planning is fairly common but it is often not a pretty site for an organization. Nik and Alex must make plans and keep focus on the plans to meet future goals of the organization. Ethical behavior keeps the stakeholder happy this helps avoid conflict and loss of revenue. Implementations of Motivational Rewards The Nik and Alex will seek majority of the team members from Kava, the …show more content…

When team members work hard for the organization discover they are receiving compensation basically the same as less goal driven team members, then the output of highly productive team members will decrease in the workplace. The team leaders must always carry out incentive programs for the team members to keep a balance, motivate the team members and make goals. An organization with an ethical behavior among the team members enjoys above average performance in the workplace and a lower than average team member termination rate. Everyone on the team needs time off from the organization. The team leaders will carry out emergency drills for the team members to attend monthly, this gives the team members a feeling the organization cares about them during disastrous time in Kava. The organization will offer health knowledge on the company’s website and have broachers in different departments. Kava has a high risk for avian flu, and HIV/AIDS among the people. Once the organization meet a profit level to give a health clinic for all team members who works for the organization the team members will have a feeling of loyalty toward the organization. These programs include morale, satisfaction and rewards to the team members Identify the Roles of Different Team Members Team members must feel a sense of satisfaction in order for the team to work crisis free.

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