Decoding Of The Primal Emotional Experiences Of Humans And Animals

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Decoding of the Primal Emotional Experiences of Humans and Animals from neuroscience perspective
The article on the science news titled ‘What is the cognitive rift between humans and animals’ sheds light on the major cognitive differences between animals and humans. A scientist from the Harvard University synthesized some key variations that is existent in human and animal cognition into what precisely distinct human thought and that of animal. Marc Hauser, professor of psychology from Harvard presents his concept of the uniqueness of humankind, which make human cognition unique. The professor of psychology was of the opinion that animals share a lot of features that is evident in human thought, but ironically, there is a cognitive lacuna between humans and other animals. The professor contends that by analyzing the principal differences in cognitive abilities, some elements are found that are of human cognition and are distinctively human.
The challenge that emerges though is the recognition of the systems that animals and human have in common, those that are distinct, and how they interact and interface with one another. In recent times, some scientists have come to the realization that some animals think in ways that at some point were perceived unique to humankind. For instance, some animals have episodic memory or mathematical proficiency that is non-linguistic. Nonetheless, despite these obvious similarities, a cognitive gap still exists between humans and other

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