Deep Brain Stimulation Essay

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Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease
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Section 1: Inquiring Introduction (Short paragraph). Identify clinical question and search body of knowledge: Select a diagnostic test, pharmacologic intervention or other specific management plan that was instituted for a patient during your NUR 568 clinical rotation. Briefly describe the case and reason you made this encounter the inquiry for your assignment. Describe you literature search process (ie, databases searched; key words used, literature search results [number and type of studies found], how studies used were determined to be the best choice for informing your PICO question). State a well-constructed question (in PICO format) regarding the …show more content…

The next paragraph will offer a critique of the research validity and reliability, the currency, relevancy, authority, accuracy, and the limitations of the research. The next brief paragraph offers the conclusion of the source. The above will be repeated for the next two sources to equal a total of three annotated bibs. After the annotated bibs will be a summarization of findings – where findings were similar, different, areas of conflict, and major conclusions you’ve synthesized as a result of your critical appraisals. The final paragraph will be how what you’ve learned applies to clinical practice.
Syllabus: Section 2: Annotated Bib (You will repeat this section three times, once for each reference). Search the pool of evidence. Look for evidence in critically appraised resources. Select three references that most clearly address the question you have posed. These must all be primary resources. List each reference at the top of a page. Immediately below the citation: (1) Identify the type of research design the reference is (i.e., systematic review or meta-analysis, evidence guideline, evidence summary, randomized case study, primary clinical research critique, review of literature, case report, case series, or a critical appraisal of an article or primary research). (one sentence). (2) Keep in mind levels of evidence and determine what level of evidence the resource is. To identify

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