Secret Language Of Clinical Psychology

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The Secret Language of Clinical Psychologists.
The article, Women Entering Clinical Psychology: Q-Sort Narratives of Career Attraction of Female Clinical Psychology Trainees in the UK was published on September nineteenth, 2011 by Martyn Baker and Jen Nash. This article discusses about a vast amount of women in the UK are attracted to the clinical psychology workforce. This article is on a study that tests how the women are attracted to clinical psychology through the use of five narratives of attraction.
This article can be very difficult to understand if the reader is not part of the clinical psychology discourse community. In order to understand this article, one would need to know how to read Psychology journal articles. Psychology journal articles are made up of five different sections, that is; the abstract, introduction, method section, the results section, the discussion section, and the references section. In this article, the abstract and introduction summarized what Baker and Nash are looking for and how they got their answers. The method section and results section shows the way in which the research came about and what the procedures used and variables measured are and what were the results through the use of tables and figures to explain exactly what they mean. The discussion section is a summary of the entire article and what the tables and figures mean. Lastly, the references section shows all the cited articles and sources used in this article.
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