Deep Level Diversity Promotes Team Performance

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Deep-level diversity promotes team performance by giving opportunities for authentic interaction with different personalities, learning styles and character traits that would provide opportunities for optimal team performance. To begin, a definition of surface level diversity is helpful; surface-level diversity is a dynamic that people are keenly aware of in our society. We are taught at an early age to “play” well with others regardless of traits that are highly visible to us and those around us, such as race, gender, and age (Phillip and Gulley, 2014). Hubbard (2004) uses the term “workforce diversity” as another identifier for surface-level diversity to include the following aspects: “gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual …show more content…

The next step would be to investigate each individual 's personality, learning style, skill set, attitudes and other key factors that would be diverse in relation to the team. Hubbard uses the term “behavioral diversity as encompassing work styles, thinking styles, learning styles, communication styles, aspirations,beliefs/value systems as well as changes in the attitudes and expectation on the part of employees. (2014, p. 27)” This explanation of behavioral diversity (Hubbard, 2004) expounds and gives additional insight in regards to deep-level diversity. To better illustrate, most organizations have group of co workers that are in a specific department or area and are a cohesive group in the workplace. They already have integrated most surface-level diversity due to the natural process of working together and having common interest in the department. Similarly, outside of work, most people tend to have friends, spouses, and social networks of similar, like minded people; “similarity in values and attitudes (Phillips, p. 50).” While they work well together and perform

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